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(Sustainable Operating Bio Energy)


Project Development

SOBE Energy solutions has a number of projects in progress, from multiple facilities on the East Coast,  through the Mid West and on to California.

 Thermolyzer™ - Waste to Energy Solution Videos

Waste Tires

Over 350 plus million worn tires have to be dealt with per year from a waste prospective in the USA. Many of these have been stored in landfill type sites across the USA. SOBE via its Thermolyzer™ technology can provide an industrial sized solution that turns waste tires in to a clean synthetic gas, as well as recovering carbon black and steel wire for sustainable recovery re-use.


Approximately 9.5 million tons of E-waste is produced in the USA annually, according to the EPA. Americans throw out phones and electronics containing over $60 million in gold and/or silver every year. The recycling of these computer circuit boards and components is more effective and cost efficient than mining for ore!!  

Recovering the precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper and Palladium for re-use in the USA can contribute in reducing the effects of mining on our environment and  the associated CO2 overhead it generates.